Feldenkrais is a subtle somatic movement approach that respects the incredible abilities of the nervous systems and the plasticity of the brain. Working with movement, a Feldenkrais approach unites parts of the self to organise for better everyday functionality.

Think about movement as a question; drawing your awareness to the way you already move, asking questions of your natural intelligence.  Moving slowly and directing your attention opens possibilities to begin to understand how you know what you already know.

Knowing how you are moving is the base to building movement foundations which enable you to move more dynamically, more efficiently and easily in everyday life.

My work with adults includes all abilities, ages, access needs and backgrounds. I’m especially interested in how improving physical  movement can support positive changes in mental and emotional health. My approach is respectful and sensitive, acknowledging the stories that people carry.

I teach a regular public workshops in London, around the UK and internationally. I understand people have different access requirements and needs, and ask people to get in touch to chat about accessibility and inclusion.