The Feldenkrais Method is about having really good movement, starting with improving from where you are. Think about it as movement with a question; drawing your awareness to the way you already move, asking questions of your natural intelligence to discover more dynamic stability.

I teach a regular public workshops and individual sessions in London, and have a lively practice that includes children, teenagers and adults of all abilities, ages, access needs and backgrounds.

From dancers who use wheelchairs, to students and older people, and Monday to Friday workers with everyday requests for better movement.


Feldenkrais invites learning to happen through the nervous systems, a through-the-body, somatic perspective. It can have a positive impact on physical and emotional wellbeing, people notice positive changes to their posture, balance and coordination, and breathing. 

Feldenkrais attracts people from varied backgrounds, some use Feldenkrais to support recovery from aches, pains and niggles, or with long term conditions and disabilities. Others come to the method for increased performance in their jobs, hobbies and everyday activities.

About me

I’m a qualified Feldenkrais Practitioner and a member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK (FGUK), subscribing to their code of ethics and have full insurance. I have a DBS check (2018). For many years I have worked in the mainstream arts sector as an artist, arts administrator, facilitator and consultant. My specialism is in access, inclusion and diversity. The knowledge and skills I developed in this particular sector enriches my Feldenkrais practice by challenging who can engage with the method and how.

With extensive background  of  working with children and  young people on the autistic spectrum, and with complex disabilities in educational settings and in charity sectors, I am extremely keen in Feldenkrais for these young people. I very much welcome children in my practice and enjoy working with them.

Alongside being a member of FGUK, I sat on the Feldenkrais Guild UK board and held the role of Co-Manager for social media initiatives, 2015-2018, and the International Representative, 2015-2017.

Children   teenagers   families   carers

I welcome children and teenagers who require extra support and attention because of disabilities and conditions. Understanding the these extra needs, I work with families members and carers to support the challenges of daily life.


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