Unstrapped: Unlimited R&D Commission

Spring-Autumn 2014  

Unstrapped explores the expected and unexpected uses of medical equipment in performance. Made in collaboration with Rachel Freeman, in an outdoor space on a farm and working with dancer Saffy Setohy, Unstrapped brought to life Lou’s huge collection of leg, arm and ankle splints. Some were prototypes, others are the NHS’ finest masterpieces. Alongside shoe insoles, her Functional Electrical Stimulation Machine and medical equipment from the George Marshall Medical Museum the project found a playful juxtaposition between the natural organic environment of the farm and animals and the extremely restrictive medical movements of splints. Through light-hearted and poignant moments Unstrapped challenges medical perceptions of disability, medical equipment and who can dance.

Throughout my R&D I was blogging about the project, read my blog  here 



3 thoughts on “Unstrapped

  1. Hi Louise. Louise Katerega here. Remembered you told you’d been funded and decided to check you out online. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this page and all its content after witnessing some of early phases back at Ignite Choreographic Course in Gloucestershire 2011 as well as talking with you in our mentoring sessions about aspirations that you have clearly now turned into realities. Just great to see…really, really genuinely interesting subject matter – how seldom I feel I can say that in dance – executed with humour and intelligence. All the best with it and for life and art in general – Louise K


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