For parents, carers, professionals who live or work with children requiring extra support. Build on what you already know about how movement and touch can enliven children’s development, curiosity and agency. 

A 4 week interactive online programme, meeting once a week for a 1.5 hours each week.

“No one told us how important movement is…everyone moves. Thank you for breaking it down.”  Parent from New Zealand

Learning through movement is a language that all children are experts in. From birth children learn about themselves and their world through their sensory intelligence. They explore their world through with their knowing eyes, their breathing, their attention or a weakness in limbs that will effect weight bearing and balance. These unique characteristics will influence their movement repertoire.

Each workshop of the programme with cover a different key principle:

Sense of self of the adult and child, & touch as communication 

The importance of finding the ground and bringing the ground to the child 

Weight shift, pressing & lifting as precursors to movement

The senses providing stimulus to move and orientate 

The parents, carers, family members, educational staff and medical professionals who have already participated in Movement My First Language have diverse experiences with children who have neurological movement conditions, undiagnosed disabilities, conditions linked with global development delay, or who are diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. Everyone who has booked on has found the programme invaluable in understanding more about themselves and their particular child.

“I wanted to experience how several teachers would approach a similar subject, and wanted to hear more about the Feldenkrais Method in the real world. I felt very satisfied at the end of sessions. I liked the laid back approach, the themes explored, hearing about our colleagues’ experiences with their children, and especially so the gentleness and tenderness of your words and suggestions.” A children’s dance teacher & hospital clown from Canada.

Need to Knows

Lou co-delivers Movement My First Language with three other Feldenkrais Practitioners. Each Practitioner bring their own specialist knowledge and experiences to Movement My First Language. From a parent of a special needs child, a clown working with children in hospital, to a grandmother who knows there is always another way to do things, and the lived experience of cerebral palsy. This joined up approach and wealth of shared knowledge, embedded in the Feldenkrais Method spans a vibrant understanding of the human ability to grow and learn.

April-May 2021 Series: The Americas & Europe

Dates: Friday 30 April, 7, 14, 21 May 2021.

Times: Vancouver: 11.00 | Mexico City: 13.00 | New York: 14.00 | Buenos Aires: 15.00 | London 19.00 | Brussels: 20.00

Each weekly workshop is 1 and half hours. Individual workshops are not available

May -June 2021 Series: Australia, New Zealand & Europe

Dates: Friday 30 May, 6, 13, 20 June 2021

Times: Melbourne: 19.00 | West Coast 17.00 | Auckland 21.00 | Brussels 11.00 | London 10.00

Each weekly workshop is 1 and half hours. Individual workshops are not available


Individual person price: £98 | Can $172 | US $135 | Aus $175 | €112

2 person package: £138 | Can $243 | US $192 | Aus $250 | €161

2 person package can include parents, family members, carers, child’s physio, child’s teacher or someone who is closely linked to children.

Currency conversion equivalent will be charged on booking.

Booking is via the Movement My First Language website

The project is founded on and shaped by the principles of the Feldenkrais Method®.