Individual hands-on sessions for adults

“Thank you for these last two days – it feels like my body has learnt a lot – it has been pretty revelatory!!”

The Feldenkrais Method draws your awareness to the way you move, inviting your natural intelligence to play and discover new ways of moving, using less effort and tension.

Individual hands-on lessons, known as Functional Integration, are tailor-made to suit a certain need or a specific theme determined by you. It could be a you are interested in your general health and wellbeing, or have more of a specific question relating to an injury or longer term situation.

During a one-to-one lesson we’ll talk about what you would like to improve, then lying on a low padded table, I use gentle touch instead of verbal instructions to invite, suggest and guide new ways of moving.

After a session many people feel lighter and easier in their movements, they notice a improvement in their breathing, posture, coordination and overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

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People come to my Feldenkrais practice through different situations. Some find Feldenkrais after trying many other medical and non-medical approaches and techniques. Some come through word of mouth, others already know about Awareness Through Movement, the group classes and are curious to see if the individual, hands-on approach can help their situation.

“The FIs opened a few doors for me so I am very thankful for that. Your gentle touch and clarity of language when working with me really struck a chord.”

Over the years I have worked with many people. DJs with neck injuries and aching arms, someone with a long term shoulder injury, disabled and non-disabled dancers, wheelchair users with cerebral palsy, and MS. Professional violinists, singers, office workers with RSI, older people. All of these people have had positive experiences from their sessions.

“Why isn’t Feldenkrais mandatory on the NHS? It’s so powerful….my mobility has changed.”

My background is working extensively with children and  young people and welcome them in my practice. Read more about my work with children and families.

Where and When

In and around London. To suit access requirements for different needs and schedules I offer travelling Feldenkrais – home visits or I travel to where is

Prices: Home visits prices are: £70-80 per visit for about an hour, dependent on travel distance and time. Mini series: A flat fee is agreed which takes into consideration travel.

If finance is a genuine barrier concession rates are available.

Please contact me for information and prices.