My performance sits somewhere in live art, using light hearted playful approaches mixed with sometimes serious conversations about what people want and desire for each other. 

I’ll Get a Chair! & R&D for new children’s inclusive practices (2016-2017) ACE funded. A project to consolidate accessible and diverse performance practices.

R&D for new children’s inclusive practices. The project was a residency in a special needs school in Dagenham, where I had been working with since 2014, and involved testing and creating more inclusive and accessible ways to make performance. The project had various collaborators, including Architects of Air.

I’ll Get a Chair! Documentation of the R&D performance lab, rooted in unpacking years of awkward moments. Using chairs and light-hearted playful approaches, mixed with sometimes serious conversations about what people want and desire for each other.

Saini Manninen, writer & performance maker wrote an article, Notes from the Studio, which reflects on the questions and ideas that came out of the three days. Those interweaving ideas are around disability/visibility, expertise and the expert, and autobiography in performance. Read the full article

“Would you like a chair? I’ll just leave it here”

With thanks to Vincent Dance Theatre & Live Art Development Agency

Lab background 

September 2016   Live Art Development Agency

The Study Room gathering was an opportunity to scratch some first ideas around this project and where it would sit within the live art and performance contexts.  Read the blog here

“Don’t stand up. Here, have my chair! “

Unstrapped (2014) Unlimited R&D Artist commission. A performance project that explored the expected and unexpected uses of medical splints and equipment. The film shows the outcomes of research and development phase. Watch the film

I Am Half of Who I Am project (2013). A performance fuelled by curiosity of the self. Only half of my body, my left side, is medically labeled with cerebral palsy. My right side appears normal. This piece explores my differing movement patterns from my left to my right, and the space between. Watch the films

The piece is a collaboration with Director Performer Andrew Dawson, who filmed the videos. Together we illuminate our understanding of this physical, neurological condition. Commissioned by Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio, Italy.

More documentation on previous performance work can be found on my Vimeo channel