Inclusion, it’s better when it’s inherent in everything we do. I’ve been involved in the design and development of inclusive and accessible ways of working in the arts since 2009.

Working in both the mainstream and disability dance and theatre sectors, I work with originality, playfulness and sensitivity, inspiring and challenging in equal measure, bringing the best out of people.  I work collaboratively and can offer  consultancy and troubleshooting, depending on need. My key facilitation skills are:

Mentoring people in best practice around inclusion and access through:

Focused sessions that work with your practice to create optimal inclusive and accessible environments – from ½ day to full day workshops and longer residencies. The sessions are responsive and designed around your specific questions and ideas.

Speaking and facilitation around soft skills, attitudes and nuances of what inclusion and access is, what it means, and for who. I work with understanding the importance of language in everyday practices.

Developing soft skills, attitudes and nuances of artistic inclusion


Working collaboratively with artists from different disciplines and backgrounds who are interested in developing their practice.

Mentoring artists who get stuck, or need support to move through environmental barriers and barriers within themselves so they can thrive.

Artistic workshops and residences inviting artists to embed best practices and access into their artistic work.

Producers & Arts Organisations

Individual conversations to demystify what access and inclusion is within their particular situation.

Supporting individuals to navigate difficult conversations they encounter around access and inclusion

Developing actions to making their work more inclusive.

Developing approachable attitudes around inclusion and access.

Contact me to start a conversation about working together or tweet @lou_coleman

Autumn 2018

Facilitated conversations with Wysing Arts Centre’s Management Team & Artist Mentoring

Facilitated management conversations to do with:

  • Responsibility the centre has to its audiences, artists and staff
  • Tailoring specific tasks through shifting their attitudes and ways of thinking about inclusion and access
  • Identifying simple actions that can open up more possibilities for building audiences and artistic practices.

Mentoring a newly formed collective of artists looking at non-conforming standards and ideas of good health within their art practice.

  • Mentoring fed into the development of Access Docs for Artists website
  • There were conversations around individual artistic practices shaping the collective voice.
  • Where does (dis)ability and chronic illness sit within the artistic voice?
  • Development of access documents and how much to reveal and when?  
  • Provocations on: What is inclusion? What does inclusion feel and look like for this new artistic collective?

Spring 2017- Winter 2018

Diversity Officer and Producer with We Are Epic (in association with Epic Arts, Cambodia)

  • Shaping best practice around inclusion and access within the structure of the UK organisation
  • Co-development of the three streams of work the company was founded on: Diverse Artistic Talent, Professional Trainings and International Collaborations
  • Inputing into policies and procedures in conjunction with the Board
  • Co-developing of Grow a Leader Arts Administration Traineeship
  • Co-mentored the trainee, and worked with them to develop further ways to support people identifying within LGBTQI+, D/disabled arts communities.
  • Regular meetings and action points with the Evaluator to ensure the organisation set-up stayed on track and within the funders
  • Facilitating organisational development events and trainings in a open, accessible professional approachable manor 
  • Linking with the local creative and business networks

Produced and was an artistic collaborator for Buffalo Boy, an international collaboration with Epic Arts in Cambodia.

I’m always keen to develop national and international collaborations with partners, organisations and artists looking to develop their skills and understanding of inclusion and access in the arts or creative sectors.

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