Learning through movement is a language children are experts in. From birth babies begin to learn through their sensory intelligence and sensation based wisdom. This non-verbal movement learning is the foundation for every aspect of life. Some children and teenagers have additional physical or learning hurdles that require their world to be translated by the people around them in order to optimise their potential.

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

The method is grounded in the belief that everybody can learn, grow and develop, regardless of abilities. It is a subtle yet powerful through-the-body movement approach that respects the incredible abilities of the nervous systems and the plasticity of the brain. Working with movement, a Feldenkrais approach unites parts of the self to organise for better everyday functionality.

How do I work with children & teenagers?

Working in a gentle, playful, non-invasive way

I meet your child with respect and how already move, I’m not looking to fix or correct, but to invite your child to learn how to move more independently through their own intelligence and agency.

Touch as communication

With my guidance and expertise, your child is empowered to feel changes through their body; these sensations enable your child to solve their movement challenges. My approach is hands-on, using touch.

I work closely with family or support networks to ensure sessions compliment already established routines using the toys, objects and symbols which are familiar to your child.

Feldenkrais For…

What is your background experience?

My Feldenkrais work with disabled children and teenagers is developing from over 17 years of working in family support – working closely with families with disabled children to make every day a little easier.

I have personal experiences of hemiplegia cerebral palsy. This diagnoses led me to have operations when I was younger, physio routines, leg splints, shoe & arm orthotics, scans & walking equipment. After all the different medical approaches, advice, gadgets & routines I have encountered, Feldenkrais plays a key role in improving the way I move.

Alongside my personal experience, I have worked with special needs children & young people’s charities, special needs schools & colleges, & in residential homes for young adults with challenging behaviours. I have a DBS check, 2019-20.

Need to Know

Individual sessions & mini series are available to book

A mini series of 2-4 sessions over 5-9 days works well.  This more immersive approach over a shorter time periodpromotes a deeper continuous learning experience. Individual sessions are also available.

Sessions are generally between 30-60 minutes depending on the child’s need. Sessions take place on the floor, or a low-padded table, or with the child with their adult.

Price list & booking: lou@loucoleman.org

Lou’s philosophy is to make Feldenkrais accessible financial so more families can experience the approach. If finance is genuine barrier please contact her.

Since March 2020 Lou has stopped travelling Feldenkrais & home visits.

Lou works upstairs at the Yoga Point in Brixton, London. There is no lift and 13 steps up to the room.

There is space downstairs to store buggies & wheelchairs

Image credit: Laura Montag. Images taken from my project Stick-Stuck: a curious place to play.