For parents, carers, professionals who live or work with children and teenagers requiring extra support.  

Bespoke online opportunities to learn more about how movement and touch can enliven children’s development, curiosity and agency.

“No one told us how important movement is…everyone moves. Thank you for breaking it down.”  Parent from New Zealand

Learning through movement is a language that all children are experts in. From birth children learn about themselves and their world through their sensory intelligence. They explore their world through with their knowing eyes, their breathing, their attention or a weakness in limbs that will effect weight bearing and balance. These unique characteristics will influence their movement repertoire.

Designed as a space for adults to explore what they already know, to ask questions and to make sense of movement as a key foundation, these sessions are designed by Lou in conjunction with you – the adult caring for or working with children or teenagers.

Key principles covered in sessions:

Sense of self of the adult and child – As an adult the ‘image’ of the child or teenager we hold influences how we interact with them

Touch as communication – Using respectful, intentional, clear touch to support learning. Great for children and teenagers whose worlds are more non-verbal, whose communication is mostly through body language

The importance of finding the ground and bringing the ground to the child – Knowing if the child is comfortable and well supported in themselves or in the equipment they use and interact with – wheelchairs, standing frames, sensory processing toys

Weight shift, pressing & lifting as precursors to movement – Understanding the physics of functional movement and is required for children to process through developmental phases.

The senses providing stimulus to move and orientate – Through-the-body sensory information – tactile feedback, proprioception, vestibular and kinaesthetic sensing, they learn through movement. 

Lou is a warm and friendly workshop leader who effortlessly creates an experiential learning environment where participants are encouraged to create, explore, and share their ideas and discover new possibilities. In response to any questions that arise, Lou is masterful at setting up quick and simple activities with immediacy and spontaneity. 
I had a lot of fun in Lou’s workshop. It was jam packed with useful play activities and really practical advice for approaching a whole host of different learning scenarios.

Ingrid Weisfelt
Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer
Movement Therapist

Need to Knows


Contact Lou to start a conversation is the best way to begin, Lou has different times and days available during the week. Lou understands a collaborative approach to designing a series of sessions needs to work with work, school and home commitments.

Short series of 3-5 sessions which will be experiential and tailor-made to suit different situations.

Sessions will last around 1.5 hours. Suggested to meet once a week


4 sessions: £240 (£60 per session)

Sessions are for 2 or more people.

2 people can include parents, family members, carers, child’s physio, child’s teacher or someone who is closely linked to children.

Individual one off workshop: £70

Lou’s philosophy is to make Feldenkrais accessible financial so more families can experience the approach. If finance is genuine barrier please contact her.

Email: lou(@)