Day 2: Tuesday 15/7/14

We spent the morning at the George Marshall Medical Museum and the Infirmary Museum in Worcester. Both museums hold massive amount of objects and equipment that documents the history of medicine, health and the changes to care over the last 250 years!

Louise, the Curator at the George Marshall Museum was fantastic, she is extremely knowledgeable about the collections and let us handle some of the equipment.  From amputation saws from before anaesthetic was used, to old splints, a bone nibbler, hip replacement joints,  and standing in the room where the Medical and Surgical Association was founded by Charles Hasting in 1832, later becoming the Brtish Medical Association Charles Hasting a Physician  address, to the newly founded Medical Surgical Association which he founded in 1832. His address to the newly formed Association is framed and hangs on the wall. Louise the Curator at the Museum tells stories of Charles Hastings wanting to help people and bring order and the beginning of ethics to the medical profession. Fascinating to hear about the last 250 years of medicine.

After lunch and conversations that sparked from Louise at the museum talking about the history of trying to make patients look normal after surgery we got back into the cowshed and started moving with the morning stories and objects resonating.

This afternoon we explored our right and left sides. Leading from one side and then the other. Finding the comfort, stability, the joy, the limits that we each feel. Searching for softness and control, where do they collide to infuse or blur in the middle. Stripping the left and right to allow one side to have a spotlight and the other to echo. One side offers support, grounding a sense of rooting the other a shyness, a uncertainty that goes away and comes back. Explicitly sharing our left and right we moved through sharing, giving and receiving weight tasks, constantly moving, always adjusting my weight, finding the possibilities of limbs to take weight and to support the next roll into a point of contact. Allowing pauses for breathing to flow, a giggle to release, my occasionally twitch and spasms to flow, a small adjustment to my right side, inviting my left to have weight, to take weight through my skeleton to continue a internal conversation of trusting my left side, enabling my right side to soften and be still. Spending time on weight sharing, and non-verbal communication discovering identity through the body, Saffy put on my arm splint and night time leg splint and danced.  Feeling the constraints, weight, finding the possibilities of moving with these objects. Moving with her right leading then her left using stimulus I was giving her. After a while of finding comfort with the splints in movement I asked Saffy to remove the splints in a silence smooth transition and carry on dancing feeling the resonances of the splints that are no longer there.


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